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4 Tips on how to choose the right roof tile for your house

4 Tips on how to choose the right roof tile for your house

As theĀ single largest surface of a home, the roof is an important architectural feature and decisions pertaining to roofing materials should not be taken lightly, but carefully considered. Whether building a new roof or re-roofing, itā€™s imperative to consider style, aesthetics and durability when selecting roof tiles for your home.

Roof tiles are stylish and versatile, providing homeowners with design flexibility to suit a range of architectural styles and specifications. They are a low-maintenance option and offer reduction and insulation benefits as well as fire and wind resistance properties. Homeowners considering roof tiles for their home are encouraged to research allĀ available options. ThisĀ includes understanding the tilesā€™ material, shape or profile, colour and finish, accessories and installation requirements.

Consider the roof tileā€™s material

Roof tiles are available in a sundry of materials, that is, ceramic, terracotta and concrete, and a homeownerā€™s choice will come down to personal preference of shape, colour and finish. For example, concrete tiles are built to last, with a 20+ year warranty. Ceramic and terracotta tiles are slightly smaller than concrete tiles, whichĀ means there are differences in the number of tiles per square metre, as well as the system and pattern of aligning the tiles on the roof next to each other.

Select a tile profile that complements overall design

The profile refers to a tileā€™s shape and design at its cross-section. This can either be flat or shaped, with further design variations within these categories. A critical consideration when choosing a profile is the architectural style of house as well as the pitch of the roof. For instance, a flat profile will give a more streamlined, contemporary look; if you are in a high rainfall area, however, rain will run off faster on a steeper roof pitch.

Colour and finish

Colour and finish cam have a fundamental influence on the style, character and essence of a home. The architectural style and the homeā€™s environment, including surrounding houses, is a major factor in choosing exterior colours and finishes. One has to consider guttering and fascia finish of the home and, as a general rule, look for colours that are in harmony or contrast. Thereā€™s quite a wide range of roof tiles available in warm, cool and neutral tones.

Work with a qualified installer

A good roof is dependent onĀ good workmanship by a qualified installer.Ā Make sure the roof is properly installed to specifications set out by the roof tile supplier.