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Roofing Installation

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Re-roofing over existing

With Harvey tiles you can use either the elite tile or Harvey thatch for existing roofing materials, like IBR or Corrugated sheets, or thatch roofs

30 year warranty

Harveytile Elite

The Elite tiles are designed and manufactured for strength and offer homeowners many added benefits compared to traditional roofing. Being a division of Macsteel, you will get the assurance for quality 

Installation process

The elite tiles can be installed onto existing roofs using a Branderings framework overlay.

Care and Maintenance

Low maintenance cost, for a Harvey tile owner will probably be giving it a good wash every now and again, or even refresh the color of the roof with paint.

Harvey Thatch tile

Stone Coated in a Brown and Black Pattern Texture

As in the Picture, the thatch tile is ideal when looking for roofing that is more sustainable than that which is offered by conventional thatch, the only color its offered.

Installation Process

Placed on top of the existing thatch using a Branderings framework overlay 

Care and Maintenance

Low maintenance cost, for a Harvey tile owner will probably be give the reassurance of the Alu-Zinc coated mild steel for added long term corrosion resistance

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