Rhino Thatch Tile

Natural Stone Coated Beauty

Roofing Installation

Trusted, Professional, Highly experience and Friendly team will insure the correct standards are met, and provide a peace of mind for quality workmanship

Re-roofing over Existing

With Rhino Thatch Tile you are not limited to just one application this tile can be applied on top of existing roofing materials, like IBR or Corrugated sheets, and of course Thatch roofs

30 year warranty

Weather Security Warranty

*Maintenance Free * Weatherproof * Improved security * Reduced fire risk * Lightweight * Quick to install * 30 Years Warranty *

Rhino Thatch Tile

The aesthetic qualities of the Rhino Tile coupled with its strength and durability, have made it the BEST choice for re-roofing over or replacing thatch roofing.

The tile is design to mold around the contours of the roofs design 

Installation process

Quick and easy using a Branderings framework overlay on top of any thatch structured roof.

Care and Maintenance

Very Low maintenance required 

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