Known for its uncompromising stance in respect of quality, as well as reputable, reliable and well established.

Harvey Elite Tile

Unique glamour that goes far beyond the realms of creativity, in a simple yet breath-takingly fashionable appearance.

Lightweight, leakproof and weatherproof, Harvey Elite Roof Tiles not only look good, it reduces long-term maintenance and cost on your roof structure. Available in 5 popular colours, Harvey Elite Roof Tiles won’t break, fade or leak no matter what the weather throws at it.

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Harvey Tiles

Each steel based tile is designed and manufactured for strength.

The unique overlapping system and fixing technique provide not a leakproof roof but also a form of burglar proofing. All tiles are available in galvanised mild steel substrate or alternatively in Alu-Zinc coated mild steel for added long-term corrosion resistance.

Maintenance free the tiled roof is low on maintenance, which means you don’t have the inconvenience of fixing leaks, replacing broken tiles and reduced painting frequency.

Re-Roofing Over Existing

With Harvey tiles you can use either the elite tile or Harvey thatch for existing roofing materials, like IBR or Corrugated sheets, or thatch roofs.