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Steel Coils

Alliance International Exports is a leading supplier of steel coils. Our steel is utilized in different commercial and industrial applications, and due to giving much attention to detail in the manufacturing process, our products have earned an international reputation of excellence. Throughout the years, we have emerged, as an industry leader in metal roofing systems. Coils are available in Galvanized, Aluzinc and Chromadek material sizes are standard and special sizes are available on request.


Steel coils are beneficial for various building requirements and operational factors for construction-related jobs. This includes a resistance to the environmental factors as well as minimal maintenance over an extended period of time

Corrugated Profile

We supply corrugated and IBR. These are one of the oldest and profiled sheets and most widely used profiled sheets in the roofing industry. They are easy to handle and fix, its strength and cost-effectiveness contributes to the successful usage in various designs. Sheets can be cut to your desired length.

Care and Maintenance

Corrugated sheeting can be factory cranked and bull-nosed to a wide range of radii to suit specific needs. They are primarily manufactured in 2 distinct profiles, namely the 8.5 corrugated and the wider 10.5 corrugated. The numerical reference shows the number of corrugations in the sheet

IBR / Chromadek Profile

Chromadek is the roofing and cladding material of choice for architects, designers, industry and homeowners renowned for its aesthetic value, protection from the natural elements and the ease of application complimenting any building. These key attributes have been developed spanning research years to prolong the useful life of the paint system and sheeting in the harsh South African climate.

Care and Maintenance

Chromadek is produced by coating galvanized coated steel coil subject to stringent quality control standards on a continuous coil coating line. The galvanized steel is chemically cleaned and treated to enhance corrosion properties and paint adhesion. A primer which is cured in a prime oven is applied, followed by a top coat that is cured again to obtain its aesthetic and functional properties. Sheets can be cut to your desired length.

Wide Span

The Wide Span profile is a roofing and cladding profile designed to provide the building industry with an economical alternative to the deeper box rib IBR profile without sacrificing the popular fluted concept so frequently used in modern architecture. The shallower Wide Span profile has a better cover width, thus achieving savings in labour and erection costs.

Care and Maintenance

As a result it is widely used in numerous markets. The Wide Span profile can furthermore be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii to suit specific requirements. A “stiffening” rib can also be ordered in the flute of the profile specifically to help with the aesthetical appearance with the removal of oil canning from the broad flute. The technical analyses of the Wide Span profile is attached above.

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