Concrete Tiles

Recognised for its timeless popularity concrete tiles provide an attractive and classic solution.

Concrete tiles

Concrete Tiles

Known for its affordability and popularity in the roofing world, concrete tiles have become an all-time classic in majority of building projects. Making its way around the world concrete roof tiles have become available in multiple profiles, fittings and colour codes. Concrete tiles have numerous advantages that improve the structural integrity to withstand the elements such as hail and high winds as well as fire.

Bold Roman

Notoriously economical and an all-time-classic, the Double Roman roof tile is an attractive tile featuring a small roll giving it that ‘Roman’ look. A timeless and classic design lends itself to traditional and contemporary roofing solutions that make for a versatile tile.

bold roman tiles
bold roman

Double Roman

The double roman tile is designed to lend a striking profile to the roof and create a stylish and sophisticated feel. This versatile tile is not only the epitome of aesthetic pleasure but enhances the architectural design and craftsmanship of your building.

Double Roman Tile


The Venitian Roof Tile features a lancet arch creating a Mediterranean look that originated from 14 century Venice. This bold tile creates an exclusive Venitian charm and class to your home or business. A piece of beautiful Venice is now yours.

Venitian tiles

Colour Uniformity / Efflorescence

Due to Natural Deviations in the raw materials and the periodic occurrence of efflorescence on unprotected concrete products, absolute colour consistency on the roof cannot be guaranteed.

Standard Through Colour

Primary colour throughout. Colouring oxides are mixed in the concrete prior to extrusion assuring complete colour integrity for long-lasting beauty and durability. The manufacturer reserves the right to substitute the product range without notice.


The primary colour throughout as per the Standard tile manufacturing process. A secondary colour is subtly mixed at random to give each tile its distinctive appearance.


The concrete tiles are extruded under pressure resulting in a product of high quality. Alliance Collection roof tiles meet with SABS 542-2012 standard specification for concrete roof tiles.