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Rhino Thatch Tile

Natural Stone Coated Beauty.

30 year Warranty

Weather Security Warranty

Maintenance Free | Weatherproof | Improved security | Reduced fire risk | Lightweight | Quick to install | 30 Years Warranty

Rhino Thatch Tile

Our beautiful natural stone coated Rhino Thatch tile gives your home or lapa a completely new look with its gorgeous finish. The Rhino thatch tiles are designed to mould around the contours of your roof. These magnificent roof tiles can be used for new roofs, re-roofing over IBR or corrugated iron, can replace thatch or be used over thatch for protection. Make your roof beautiful again with our amazing rhino thatch tile.

  • Installation Process

    Requires fewer timber battens, reducing cost – won’t break during installation.
    - Quick and easy installation
    - Burglar proof

  • Care and Maintenance

    Our tiles will not fade due to its natural stone coat resulting in low maintenance.

  • Warranty

    - Rhino thatch tiles carry a 20 year surface coating warranty inland
    - 30 year steel substate warranty inland. Subject to terms and conditions

  • Fire Risk

    - Rhino thatch tiles are fire resistant
    - Insurance costs are significantly reduced when installed over thatch

  • Transport

    Rhino Thatch tiles are light weight and easy to transport.


Rhino Thatch before


Rhino Thatch after
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Re-Roofing Over Existing

With Rhino Thatch Tile you are not limited to just one application this tile can be applied on top of existing roofing materials, like IBR or Corrugated sheets, and of course Thatch roofs.