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Duratiles & Metrotiles

Duratiles are widely used in the construction industry ranging from commercial, residential and individual homeowners.

The combination of steel, stone and acrylic paints are expertly formed and bound together onto pressed tiles to provide a cost effective and durable roofing solution. Duratiles are undoubtedly the new age roofing solution uniquely developed to combine the aesthetic appeal of traditional concrete roof tiles with the resilient weathering properties of stone and the strength of steel. Together with zinc or withstand coatings and acrylic base and top protective layers offer unparalleled levels of performance that withstands all the effects of the fierce African climate.

There are 3 profiles commonly used in the roofing industry. These profiles can be supplied in galvanized and colour coated material which has a wide range of colour options available. We provide an analysis of the 3 most popular products together with the relevant technical data. The standard ranges are indicated. Non-standard sizes and special inquiries are welcome.

About Metrotiles

Metrotile lightweight roofing originated in New Zealand over 40 years ago, demonstrating that you can expect much more from a product as established and antiquated as the traditional roof tile. The concept is deceptively simple: press roof tiles from a highly durable, modern material (in this case, the highest quality steel), galvanize with an aluminium, magnesium and zinc compound and cover with a stone-chip coating. The result is a roof tile that, to this day, exceeds the expectations of a traditional modern roof tile by a significant margin.

The use of steel is the masterstroke of Metrotile’s design. By using steel as the base material, it means the profiles can be pressed much thinner than a traditional slate or clay tile and therefore weigh just one seventh of those products. The sheer strength of steel means that a metrotile roof is far more durable and incredibly secure, whether held up against petty vandalism or the most extreme weather conditions. Metrotile profiles are thinner and lighter, but much stronger than traditional tiles.